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Community First


Graduating from UC Santa Cruz in 2021, this beautiful town is a place that I proudly call home. Rooted in a migrant family, I deeply understand the transformative power of community in shaping political influence. As a community organizer, renter, and educator, I bring a unique perspective to address our community's challenges with innovative, community-informed solutions.

Founding organizations focused on housing policies and contributing to Countywide equity frameworks, I advocate for a data-driven, community-centric approach. I support union workers and small businesses from unfair corporate competition. Embracing a fresh perspective, I strive to involve neighbors in the political process, fostering a Santa Cruz that prioritizes community needs.

Believing in doing things differently, my vision is to collectively address the housing crisis, build a greener, sustainable Santa Cruz, and champion equity for all residents. Let's embrace a new approach and create positive change together.

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