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  • Affordable Housing and Economic Development

  • Service-oriented solutions towards Homelessness, expanding on programs and collaborations with organizations like Housing First to house the homeless. 

  • Ensure the protection of homeowners and tenants, so we can make a Santa Cruz that everyone can live in. 

  • Ensuring that union jobs develop the City of Santa Cruz in housing and development.

  • Creating neighborhood councils so our neighbors can be involved in the local political process.

  • Partnerships with all organizations, including Mid-Pen Housing, in order to collaborate on low-income housing and development. 

  • Supporting policies like Measure M so True Affordable Housing can be built for essential workers, teachers, veterans, nurses, students, and our community. 

  • Transportation expansion in residencies near Affordable Housing neighborhoods through pedestrian and bike-friendly lanes.

  • Environmental Justice
  • Electrifying the city buildings of Santa Cruz 

  • Path towards decarbonization

  • Development of Youth Focus Groups, where youth organizations, like the Youth 4 Climate Justice, can collaborate with the city on local political engagement centered on the conversation of climate change 

  • Expediting the Climate Action Plan and ensuring that development projects are held accountable for CO2 emissions and greenhouse gas emissions

  • Clean and Safe Streets
  • Support and create local neighborhood accountability and safety groups that are community-oriented

  • Expansion on community clean-ups and improving Santa Cruz for all through community collaborations with organizations like Sanitation for the People

  • Expand sustainability in Energy through citywide composting projects

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