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"The Revolution continues beyond 2020!"


"As economic inequality continues its stranglehold on the middle class, driving down wages for working families, we must continue our fight to level the playing field. Our future and the future of our community depends on it!"


"The mission of the MBCLC is to improve the lives of workers, their families, and our community – to bring economic justice to the workplace and social justice to the nation. We accomplish this mission by working to build worker power through work on political education and action, economic development in our area, union organizing, a community service and training program, and educational programs for the community."


"The People's Democratic Club has established ties to organizations that are already leading campaigns addressing other PDC issue priorities.  Liaisons are assigned to the following organizations"

Tim Fitzmaurice, Former Santa Cruz City Council Mayor

"-To coordinate and harmonize the activities, functions and interest of the affiliated Unions in the building and construction industry, to organize all branches of labor engaged in, or in the preparations of materials for, the industry.


-To promote the growth and development of all building and construction trades unions and to foster and develop the organization of building and construction tradesman and traditional trade or craft lines.


-To develop and advance apprenticeship training, and to cooperate with Federal and State agencies in this work.

 To assist all affiliated Unions in securing improved wages, hours and working conditions through collective bargaining.


-To engage in research, legal and public relations activities for the advancement of interests of affiliated Unions and their members.

 To participate in community and charitable organizations and projects for the benefit of this organization and its members."


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